Digital ad campaigns for your ecommerce store — that work

Sell more of your stuff using paid ads on Facebook, Instagram & Google

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Lack the expertise to run ad campaigns in-house?

Have you been burned by agencies that promise the moon but deliver dirt? Tired of wasting $$$ placing ads that don’t generate sales? Confused about what works, what doesn’t and what to change for your marketing? Spinning endlessly trying to master Facebook & Google ads?

Let’s stop that—right damn now.
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Ready to work more on -vs- in the business?
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Earn more than you spend

Not a novel concept, right? But still, it happens all too often. Not anymore. Not with you.

Develop your digital strategy

Before we do anything, let’s get clear about everything. We’ll develop your complete marketing strategy. So you’ll know (and can predict) where your sales will come from. And how much! Cool, huh?

Create & run your digital ad campaigns

Clear thinking behind us—for clear marketing ahead. Time to do what’s needed to grow your sales. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or Google. Ready. Set. Ka-Ching.

Create & run your digital ad campaigns

Clear thinking behind us—for clear marketing ahead. Time to do what’s needed to grow your sales. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or Google. Ready. Set. Ka-Ching.

Do more of what you’re built for

Let us do what we’re built for—everyday. So you can do the same, to free up critical time for running your company. That’s why you should hire us. And why everyone else does.

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Ready to stop leaving sales on the table?
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“Our online sales have increased a tonne. We generally see a 4X return on ad-spend working with Horizons team. We’re thrilled! We have had our biggest months of sales since we brought HDM team on.”

~ Michelle Sayers, Founder of Beauty From Bees
“I’ve worked with different ad agencies in the past but was never able to find one that delivered positive ad-spend results. That is, until we found Horizons Digital Marketing. He’s been helpful, productive and…he’s pleasant to work with.”
~ Ryan Lee, Founder of Redee Solutions
“Horizons Team, this is insane. When you said we needed 416K in a month to reach my $5M goal, I was like, “yeah, right.” But now I can really see it happening. I am so excited. This has honestly blown my mind and I am scrambling to get enough fabric in!”
~ Lindsey Dueck, CEO of The Fabric Snob

Be the master of your business

Versus the business mastering you. Start today, in 4 simple steps.

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Meet to learn more • Identify challenges & opportunities • Determine if we’re a match

Propose a solution

Take what I heard • Conduct an audit • Review proposed strategy

Work together

Create digital campaigns • Execute the campaigns • Monitor and optimize those campaigns

Grow & scale your business

Strategic campaigns + More fans & followers + More engagement = More customers, more sales

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Ready for a business you can predictably scale?
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You. Want. This.

Never again feel like you’re fumbling with your digital ad campaigns
  • Be confident with marketing that works
  • 700+ successful clients (talk with some)
  • Been there, seen that, done that
  • Grown several multi-million dollar businesses starting from nearly zero online sales
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Ready to know what you get for what you spend?
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Digital services for your ecommerce store

With so much to do to run your business, wondering where to start to grow your business? Here ya go…

Develop your
ecommerce strategy

Understand your customers. So we can find your customers. Learn where they are, what they do, how they buy. And, audit your website & content to make them mo-better. Then, do research to learn about (and beat) the competition.

Run your digital

Building effective ads takes time—and expertise. Free up your time & people. We’ve got you. More people aware of your brand. More people talking about your brand. More people buying from your brand.

Optimize your

Digital ads in place. Great. You still need a website that converts visitors to paying clients. A/B testing for buttons, colours, headlines and more. So we can make refinements—based on data, not hunch.

Why gamble with your digital advertising?

“I’m tired of throwing money at digital ads that don’t work. Tired of doing work outside of our sweet-spot. And tired of stagnant sales. I want a comprehensive strategy & plan to grow our business. I want us to stay focused, doing what we do best. I want an expert creating & running campaigns—that generate moola.”